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Bassoon Links
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There are a moderate amount of pages out there relating to bassoon. Unfortunately there is no really good links page that includes them all. (and probably never will be) This is a try at one that has most of them.

Last Update July 11, 2014



Bell Bassoons
Robert Cronin historical instruments
Peter DeKoningh historical replicas
Daniel Deitch baroque bassoons and faggotinos
Early Double Reed Service also reeds, tools, etc for historical Instruments
Early Music Shop historical instruments
Fox Products there's a reason why they make more bassoons than anyone else.
Heckel Bassoon Reference exhaustive list of serial numbers and more.
John Hanchet Historical Instruments
Jupiter Music
Linton Bassoons
Moennig - Adler
Hary Schweizer Brazilian bassoon maker. Site in Portuguese.
Strasser-Marigaux JA Musik, American Contact
United Musical Instruments C. G. Conn et al
Rudolf Walter (Germany)


Charles Double Reed
Custom Music Company
Double Reed Ltd.
Encore Music accessories, reeds, sheet music
Forrests Music
Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds vast selection of Heckel bocals.
Frank and Meyer (German retailer)
Howarth manufactures oboes and E Horns, but also retails bassoons.
International Music Suppliers
Japan Double Reed (in Japanese)
Lark in the Morning Historical Instruments
Melbourne Brass and WoodwindAustralia
Midwest Musical Imports
Miller Marketing
Montrose Music SuppliesAustralia
Northwest Musical Services Canada
Rauch accessories, cane, instruments, repair (German)
RDG Inc.accessories, cane, instruments
Reeds 'n Stuff (German)
Rosslyn - Keynote New Zealand
Taylor Music
Maarten Vonk
Frederic H. Weiner, Inc.
Wichita Band Instrument
Womble Williams accessories
The Woodwind and Brasswind if you don't mind buying mail order, some of the lowest prices around.


Advantage USA Reeds, Cane
Affordable Music Co. Alvin Swiney's cane, accessories and articles.
All Bassoon Cane
Argendonax Argentinian cane, reeds
Arundo reeds and cane
Barton Cane reeds and cane
Bassoon, Reeds and more Christian Davidsson's site, information on reed making, bulletin board, more...
Bob Riggs reeds and lessons
Bonazza reeds and all sorts of reeds tools
Bremer Basoon Reeds
Paul Buttemer Reed Products
Chartier Reeds
Don Christlieb Products Also books, tools and music.
Crook and Staple (UK)
K. Ge Reeds (Australian)
Genz Reeds Argentina - site in English and Spanish. Also accessories.
Glotin (French)
Good Tone Guild
Herb Fawcett Reeds
Linden Reeds
Marsden Reeds (UK)
Medir Cane
MKL Reeds
Neuranter (French)
Pisoni also tools, accessories
ProReeds German, pdf catalogues available in English
George Rieger cane, reed tools
Rigotti (French)
Scime Italian reeds and cane
Silvacane cane
Urbach Bassoon Reeds
Vigder's Bassoon Supplies


Altieri Case Covers
Arundo Shapers and Gouging Machines
Bassoon Boost alternative to bocal cork
Cavallaro Case Covers
Chiarugi Tools
Dr. Downing's tip books etc.
Fleximusic Musician's Software
Harris Reed Cases also reeds and tools
Herzberg Shaper and Profiler
Hodge Products
Jeanne Inc. huge selection of sheet music
Jones Double Reed also reeds and tools
Leitzinger bocals
NJN Bassoon reed tools, etc.
Pro Tec Cases
Quodlibet bassoon support and stand
ReeDual an alternative to traditional profilers
Rainbow Creek manufactures Terry Wilson tool cases
Singin' Dog Reeds and accessories
TA Machine Tools Gougers and Profilers
Gail Warnaar Music, accessories
Arthur Weisberg's New register mechanism Also publications.
Winc Research Leg Hooks, supports, A tubes


Fagotism is a Russian site with sheet music, midis, mp3s, links, etc. and is updated frequently. Don't miss this one!
Hickey's Music Center Bassoon catalogue. Also accessories.
Oxford University Press
RR Products rare music and study materials
Southern Music
Trevco Music


Keith Bowen Bassoon Workshop also a Fox dealer and used instruments.
Feree's Tools if you can do your own repair work.
Fowler Music
Kirker Bassoon Repair
Landy Bassoon Repair also instruments, bocals, accessories.
Naylor's Woodwind Repair also Accessories


Bassoon Brothers QuartetTips, Reed making Info
Caliban QuartetAlso various accessories, reeds, etc.
Benjamin Coelho information, links, etc
Michael Dicker Illinois State University, also Fox Representative.
Paul Hanson
Nadina Mackie Jackson
Sylwester Daniel Janiak
Frank Morelli CDs. cyber masterclass, etc
Susan Nigro Contrabassoonist
Robert Ronnes
Marvin Roth
John Schroder (Great Britain)
Daniel Smith Jazz and Classical recording artist.
Barrick Stees
Masahito Tanaka
Milan Turkovic
Kim Walker


International Double Reed Society
Australasian Double Reed Society
British Double Reed Society
Finnish Double Reed Society
Japan Bassoon Society (in Japanese)
Midwest Double Reed Society

Miscellaneous Bassoon Related Pages

8notes Bassoon Forum bulletin board
Bassoons.com links, resources, bulletin board.
Bassoon.org links
Clarion Insurance Instrument insurance
DoubleReeds UK British resource page.
The M. T. Bassoon links, Puchner information.
The Daily Bassoon Mostly links.
The Woodwind Fingering Guide exhaustive fingering charts.
Van Cott Information Services Books, music, CDs
The Reed Factory link farm

Last Update July 11, 2014
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