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Strange Links

There is no categorizing this collection of links! It's just a potpourri of things I find interesting, amazing, or entertaining. With the exception of the freeware section. This section is USABLE!! Check it out.

Email me if you find something so outrageous it MUST go here. Contents of this page will change virtually everytime I find something I think everyone else should know about.

Investigations of oddities ranging from Sasquatch to gravity houses can be found at The Enigma Project.

Everything from Parrotheads to Reviews of the World's worst horror movies at The Wrath of One. Be sure and check the rants on the blog.

Learn all about the world's most entertaining and friendly dog at Dachshund Circus. If you have never seen a long-haired or wire-haired dachshund at least go look at the pictures!

A Real Sea Monster is the giant squid. This Smithsonian exhibit will acquaint you with this cephalopod.

The Music of Harry Partch makes Charles Ives look conservative! Harry had to invent most of the instruments used to perform his music.

A little known and most endearing animal is the hedgehog. This site will connect you to all major hedgehog links on the net.

If you are looking for crazy, zany ways to kill time on the net and possibly win money or learn something at the same time try the Center for the Easily Amused.

Seeing double while netsurfing? Perhaps you need the Drunk Browsing Test. There's a lot of additional zaniness at this location as well.

And of course it you netsurf too much you lose all track of time. Make up for your latest missed anniversary, etc with a bouquet of Virtual Flowers.

And last but not least, everyone should be aware of the latest theories concerning the Great Pyramid. Is it a hydrogen factory?


Hey! There are now so many freeware sites on the web with real reviews that this area is obsolete. I didn't actually develop it very well anyway...so bye bye freeware. Try here NONAGS for top quality software for bupkus.

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Des Moines, IA

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